Does any of this sound familiar?


You go on line and waste hours and hours a day on social media sites trying to figure out how to connect with your perfect clients and see ZERO results.

You hear of other people who make money marketing on line but you are not seeing the same ROI.

You need to start generating leads and bring more money into your business, but you’re frustrated and overwhelmed and just feel like giving up!

Or maybe your client list is just not buying, including your on line connections no matter how you change your copy, your message or marketing strategy.

You hear that social media is here to stay, but it makes absolutely no sense to waste your time on line talking about your cat, dog, fish or what you ate today.

You have a hard time keeping up with all the changes on Facebook, and cannot for the life of you figure out why you need Twitter.

Have you ever said:

  • I can’t make money marketing on social media, so why even try.
  • I feel like I waste a lot of time and am getting little to no results on line.
  • I don’t even know what to say or how to build a list of clients that need my products and services.
  • Social media makes no sense to me!

Do you feel frustrated, tired, and overwhelmed?   Do you feel like you’re spending so much time on your social sites that you aren’t working on much else, or your have given up on your on line marketing because you do not see the ROI that you hear others getting?

I hear you! And I can help you market your product and services using social media so you can finally see the results that are possible for your business.  I have done it, my clients are doing it and so can you!

You might be thinking, why should I hire you? I have been where you are now, and have felt just like you.  It took me years to figure out what social media marketing strategies worked and what didn’t work. And I don’t want you to have to take the same amount of time it took me trying to figure it all out.  So, I’m on a mission to teach you how to get results quickly.

I have a knack of finding the hidden money in your business by connecting you to your target market,  how to avoid the tire kickers, and turning your social media marketing strategy into profits.  I will work with you to create a plan and a strategy that you can use over and over again to get continued results in less time!

Like it or hate it, social media is here to stay.  Your clients are no longer looking in the yellow pages or their local newspapers to find the products and services they want and need.  ( I hear the yellow pages  makes a great door stop!)  Your clients are on the Internet looking for your products and services on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.  We are a mobile generation and you NEED social media marketing to stay in the game.  If you don’t have a social media presence because you have no idea how it works, or you don’t have time to figure it all out, your business will see a drop in sales, and maybe already has, and that is not the solution.  You cannot afford to avoid social media marketing any longer.

No matter what business you are in, social media will work for you.  You just need to know the secret sauce to make it work!

I have your solution!

If you want to start creating a social media marketing presence that makes you more money and feels authentic in less time, you are in the right place!

Contact us today at info@thesocialmediaqueen.com to get started marketing your business on line the right way!

To your success,


On Line Marketing Mentor
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