You Need Awesome Testimonials!

by Janet on October 2, 2010

Testimonials are very important to you and your business. Testimonials are really about social proof. But there is a right way to gather testimonials, and in my opinion, a wrong way.

I’m sure you all have seen testimonials that display the big headlines that say:

  • I Made $20,000 dollars in ONE DAY Using this system
  • I Attracted 10 new clients in one hour!
  • My list has grown by 10,000 in one month!
  • Then they are followed with a vague signature like, Jake, NH

Now don’t you think that is a bit cheesy? Really, do you believe any of these types of testimonials? Who is Jake in NH anyway? As you know the rules have changed around testimonials and how they are written. The people who say they made $20,000 in a day if caught will have to prove that statement. Yikes, not something I want to have to deal with.

Believe it or not, I’ve been asked to give testimonials for someone who wanted me to fill in a template to be sure it was written in the exact language they wanted. Did I do it? No! It just felt really fake to me.

You really do need awesome testimonials. I’m sure you might be wondering; how do I ask for testimonials without feeling like I’m being pushy or putting someone on the spot? It’s pretty easy really, you just ask. The first time or two it might feel scary to you, but it gets easier the more you do it.

What happens if your client says no? It’s okay; you just thank them and move on. But, you will find that most people are more then happy to give you a testimonial because they are truly happy with the result and when we are happy about something we want to talk about it to everyone we know. And if you client has a business, you will be put their full name, and website on that testimonial which will give them exposure. So it is a win-win.

To get really true authentic testimonials from your clients you want them to write what they feel about your product of service in their own words. The only thing I do when I get a testimonial is correct any spelling errors, and that’s it. Make sure to ask for a headshot to put with the testimonial as well. Your potential clients need to connect, and a photo is definitely a way to let them see what type of clients you are working with.

To get even better testimonials, use video! If you just had a workshop or spoke at an event, you want to be prepared to get video testimonials from your happy participants. Video testimonials are awesome because people are going to say exactly what they feel at that very moment and it will be truly authentic, you can’t get any better then that!

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