What’s Really Behind that Curtain anyway?

by Janet on August 27, 2010

There are some things that have been really annoying me lately and one of those things is the overuse of phrases in marketing material, teleseminars, and social networking sites.

I was talking to my coach about the things that really get on my nerves and what I am so sick of hearing.  And since I’m all about being myself in my business, she challenged me to write an article about it, so here it goes.

So many businesses on-line just follow the leader.  They seem to think that what works for one person’s business will work for them. Then when nothing is working they wonder why.  Usually the first place they go in their mind is, it must be me, right?

What we don’t understand is that the problem with modeling other businesses is that your true voice doesn’t shine through, You’re hiding your true personality behind someone else’s and it is not congruent with your brand.  So of course it won’t work!

One phrase that is WAY overused and drives me absolutely crazy is; ‘Let me show you what’s behind the curtain, or ‘let me pull back the curtain.’ Really?  I mean, what are you hiding behind that curtain and why do I need to see it? Are you the all-powerful wizard of oz?  Are you just trying to make us think that you have some secret only you know that will make me an overnight success? And please tell me, is there really anything behind that curtain?

If you ever sign up for a program where they promised to give you a look behind their ‘so called curtain’, you will most likely find that there is no secret sauce or special magic to quick success.  You are more likely to find someone just like you, sitting in front of their computer, working like crazy, with no makeup, hair up and slippers on!

I was on a call that was all about authentic social media marketing.  They asked people on the call what they were tired of hearing.  So of course I had to chime in!  I said if I hear that someone is going to show me what’s behind the curtain one more time, I’m going to scream.  They all laughed and agreed with me.  It wasn’t but 5 minutes later into the call that one of the presenters said, Let us show you what’s behind the curtain.  OMG!!  Did she just say that?  I was shocked!  Did they not hear what I just said?  So needless to say, I hung up.  I just couldn’t listen to anything else after that. They lost a potential purchase right there.

Although I have never used that phrase in my own marketing, I was once guilty of trying to model others, but I quickly found out that it didn’t work for me.  One thing I will always remember is when one of my colleagues said to me, you don’t have to be a copywriter to know how to talk to your own clients. It should be just as easy as having a conversation with someone you know. Now that was great advice!

As you write copy for your sales pages, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter posts, and blogs,  ask yourself, does that sound like something I would say?

So what’s behind my curtain? Its the same as what is in front of the curtain, true authentic real business building strategies!

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