It’s All Your Fault!

by Janet on May 5, 2011

Back on the soapbox!

Do you feel like you are getting what you expect when you hire a coach? I’ve had experiences with being very disappointed being overjoyed, but…

When I’m disappointed in a mastermind, program, product or coach, I normally just add that up to a growth experience, a lesson learned, or an oversight. I do that to make myself feel better about the fact that I did not get what I expected and spent money that I could of used elsewhere. But should we as business owners take 100% responsibility for this?

I have heard from some of the GOO ROOS that if you are disappointed in a product or service, it is really your fault. You didn’t speak up, or participate or do the work. You You You! Have you noticed that some Goo Roos will not take responsibility for their side? Why is that? Do they feel that they are so damn good that no one could ever be unhappy? There is a lot of this BS that happens in the Internet business world, and this is just one that stirs the pot for me.

I believe that communication is so important when you are in a relationship with a client. It’s 100% my responsibility and 100% yours when we work together to speak up, be clear and honest when things are not going the way we expect. And I believe that if you are paying the big bucks to get coaching, the service has to be outstanding in my book. You have to be so overjoyed that you would tell all your colleagues and friends!

So, my question is, why doesn’t anyone speak up when they or unhappy? Have you ever seen anyone say something about an experience, coach, business, or product on Facebook that was not happy and full of joy? Why do we hesitate to give our reviews? Is it because we are afraid of being perceived as a complainer, a jerk or being out of line? Or would it tarnish our own business?

You know that there are places to review restaurants and local businesses, right? Wouldn’t it be great to have the same thing for on-line marketers? And I don’t mean fully slamming people, but giving your honest review about a product or service that you participated in. That sort of feedback would help others decide what will work for them and what might not. Maybe I am on to something here…

After hiring my very first coach, and having that go south, I did not work with another coach for over a year. I was so scared to make another mistake! I did eventually get over that when I realized that I needed to follow my intuition and do my due diligence so I am 100% sure about the person I partner with in my business. I started to take as much care at selecting a coach as I would if I was looking for a significant other.

So my point is? Don’t let anyone make you take on all the blame if your business relationship isn’t working. Find your voice and speak it loudly!

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Lesa May 5, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Love the idea of an “Angie’s List” for the internet marketing space. You could call it “Anglea’s List”!

I, too, have spent lots of money only to be disappointed. In my case, I did speak up, but it didn’t really make a difference (it was that “well, it’s your fault” attitude at work), but I did feel better for giving honest feedback. Sometimes it takes many voices shouting the same things before some will actually pay attention so they may eventually take my feedback into account.

I’d love to be able to share my experiences, good and bad, with other considering one of these big purchases. More information just helps us make more informed decisions.

Janet May 5, 2011 at 8:05 pm

Good for you for speaking up and giving honest feedback! I love the idea of a Angies List type place too!

Sharon May 5, 2011 at 8:13 pm

I agree it is so wrong to make YOU feel guilty because their program did not work. Cookie cutter programs will work for some, but not everyone, and why would anyone want to keep money for not giving you something in return? All I can say is Karma is alive and well. Good for you to speak out!

Janet May 5, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Hi Sharon! Very true, thanks for your comments!

Dee May 5, 2011 at 8:24 pm

I have also interacted with some people online who are just not authentic!

You can’t say you are all for the advancement of women and women finding their voice and at the same time treat women who are working with you like crap.

Also, you can’t sit out here and say you are so blessed to be able to help people succeed and then not answer an email from a person sharing a story of how some of your advice helped them, and then they don’t reply.

It seems some of the people are only what they say they are if you are paying them. I don’t like that, and I have just spoken up!!!!

Janet May 6, 2011 at 1:30 am

Hi Dee! WHOO HOOO! Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about! Thank you for speaking up!

Tricia May 6, 2011 at 1:34 am

Love this Janet. The goo roos say they are going to give you all kinds of resources and direction and in reality what you get is a whole lot of fluff.

Listening to your intuition in partnering with a coach is very important

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