Happy New Year and all that stuff!

by Janet on January 7, 2010

I am sure you are receiving tons of “Happy New Year” emails and ezine/newsletters in your inbox, because I am seeing them in mine daily!  The topic seems to be How To Make This the Best Year ever!  But my post today is more about your vision for your coaching business this year.

For years, I  have done a ritual called,  3 year visioning.  This is different then setting resolutions, or goals, it is more about what you see yourself doing in 1 year, in 2 years or in 3 years!  You also want to break it down into chunks.

The chunks that I break my vision into  is Family, Business, Spiritual, Self Care, Finances.  Once I have that written down, I sit in quiet and  vision what I want to accomplish in one year acting as IF I already have it.  So I write I am financially secure and have $$$ in the bank, and so on.  It is a great exercise and something I totally recommend to all my clients, friends and family.

Most of the time, you will find that at the end of the year that you are where you envisioned to be and you may even be at the 3 year vision!  It is really a great concept.  I don’t do vision boards and I don’t believe in chanting until my desires appear.   I do truly believe that you must move in action to get what you want and this helps set your mind on the right path!

And don’t forget as you are working on your vision for the next 3 years, make sure you include social media in your plan.  If you are tired or fed up in trying to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the other sites out there, drop me a email and lets chat.

Happy New Year!


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