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by Janet on December 27, 2010


How to Start Driving More Traffic to Your Fan Page

As my research of Facebook continues, I have found new ways to amp up the “Likes” on your business page. One of the ways to do that, as I have said before, is to add a Facebook landing page to your business page.  Facebook is your “other” website.  Once you have that in place, you will want to start driving traffic to your business page.
Before you start, you want to be sure that you have everything in place to send people to your page. Meaning your landing page is ready, you have some posts on your wall, and have added some pictures of you interacting with others at event. You  also want to add videos if you have them. Once that is ready to go you will want to do the following:
1. If you have 25 fans, you want to create a vanity URL in Facebook so that you can use that link everywhere you are seen on-line. To do that, go to: and follow the instructions.
2.  Put your Facebook logo or URL on your email signature, your newsletters, and any auto-responders you send out to your list. You get the picture, right? Don’t send anyone to your profile; make sure you are sending them to your business page URL only.
3.  Start joining Forums that your target market hangs out in. Make sure it is an active forum with lots of members.  When you set up your profile, put your fan page URL in your signature box.  Most forums allow you to have a signature box, just make sure you follow the rules. Once you are a member, start sharing your great content, and post feedback on other discussions. You want to have at least 5-7 interactions before selling anything to the forum membership. That way you build the ‘know, like, trust’ factor. This will take some time, but it will pay off if you take the time to do it.
4.  Join groups and other fan pages within Facebook too!  If you want to attract people who are interested in you and your business, you need to have common interests.   
The first step is to do some research. Go to Amazon and find a book that you have read or an author you like that writes to your target markets needs. Click on that book, and read the testimonials to see what they say but mostly to see what the readers wish the book covered.  Sometimes people will say, I loved the book, but I wish they talked more about …. That is where the good nuggets are!
Now scroll down to see what other books have been bought by the same customers.  All of this research will give you great clues to what your target market really wants.
Go back to Facebook and do a search for the author or the book titles you found on Amazon. Check to see how many fans they have. If they have a lot, of fans, “Like” that page. Start interacting on the wall and in the active discussions.  Again, have at least 5-7 interactions in the group so people can see you are an active member.
Once that is done, go back to the search option on Facebook and search for that author or book again, but this time click on the number of fans under the photo or logo. Start inviting those fans to be your friend. Include a personal message to let them know that you are a member of a group they belong to so they know how you found them.  Add 20 friends a day, no more then that. You don’t want to get in trouble with the facebook police!
5. Make sure to add a status update or link on your profile page that invites your new friends to “Like” your fan page so they know where to find you.
This becomes a ripple effect. Once someone sees your profile and “Likes” your fan page, their friends see that and check you out. They trust that there’s a reason their friend “Liked” you and they like you and on and on and on.  Does this take time?  Yes! But the time it takes it is so worth it.
On the next blog post, I will discuss how powerful Facebook ads can be to really drive traffic to your fan page!

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