Mistreated, Misplaced, Misunderstood

by Janet on May 25, 2011

Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood
Miss “no way, it’s all good”, It didn’t slow me down
Mistaken, Always second guessing
Under estimated, Look, I’m still around


Pink, you just gotta love her.  She is a strong women, full of spunk, speaks her mind and has lots of passion for her work.  And because of that she is one of my favorite artists.    This song, ‘Perfect’ is about how you are perfect, even though you don’t feel like you are. If you are wondering, yes, I get a lot of my inspiration from music!

Early on in my life I never felt like I was good enough.  I was always comparing myself with others who I thought were “perfect”.  And because I chose to compare myself to others constantly it fueled many not so great decisions in my life. One bad decision was to NOT try in school.  I was told in 5th grade that I wasn’t cool because I got good grades. That snowballed into a few years of not trying to succeed.  Why did I listen to that just to fit in?   If only I could go back…

Maybe you can relate!

So, when I started my business 5 years ago, I did it again! I compared myself with other women on line who where gorgeous, smarter then me,  and what I considered at the time as perfect.  I admitted this recently on a call about success.  I told the interviewer straight up that I thought I had to be perfect in order to succeed.  I think I shocked her by being so transparent.

One day something hit me. I realized that I was undermining my own strengths and I was totally putting myself in a position that would make others think I wasn’t smart, beautiful or worth something.  After a total breakdown, I had a breakthrough! I discovered that I’m brilliant in my own way and that I don’t have to be like someone else to have happiness, joy and success.  OMG!  I thought, what a “bleeping” waste of time I spent feeling badly about myself!

As you have probably noticed, things are changing for me.  I no longer worry what others may think of me.  I ‘m speaking out about things that piss me off in this industry and I’m finally allowing myself to be myself.  Someone recently said to me that they could tell that I’m stepping out and up. Thank you for noticing!

We can soar as high as we want.  There is no limit for you or I if we have the courage to be ourselves.  Cool, huh?

Remember that your clients work with you because of your “special sauce,’ your friends and family love you because of that too. It’s been said so many times that there is no one else who is just like you!  Ain’t that the truth!

Watch for the release of the book “Success Rituals 2.0: Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women – How She Does Itand How You Can Too!” on June 1st, 2011 that I co-authored.  It will be all over Facebook and Twitter, so check my feeds to get more information.

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