Do I really have to post personal stuff on my social sites?

by Janet on September 2, 2010

I was interviewed on Tuesday for a telesummit that is launching in September, and one of the things that the interviewer asked me was, should we be posting on-line about business, only personal or a combination of both? Well the answer is both.

In my experience, there are people who love reading the personal stuff, and there are those that don’t. So,to appeal to both, you want to do a combination.

For personal posting, you don’t have to get really deeply personal unless you want to. Many of my clients have a hard time with this side of marketing on their social sites. I remember one dear client of mine saying, what should I tell them, that I am picking my nose? Yea, a bit gross, but it was pretty humorous. She really didn’t get why anyone would want to know about her personal stuff, because she is someone who doesn’t enjoy that part herself. But, you have to get over this and fast!

So you might be wondering, what do you post about? My suggestion is to start with what you are comfortable with. Ease into it. You can post about your cat, dog, bird or any other pet you have. People love animals!! If you don’t have a pet, post about a hobby, or class you are taking, or anything that you are excited about. If you feel comfortable talking about your kids, grandkids or any family member thats great too!

There is a commercial on TV for a cell phone company that cracked me up! The kids were trying to tell their parents that they didn’t have to tweet every thing they were doing, and the father looks right into his sons eyes and tweets, ‘I’m sitting on the couch tweeting’ and the kids just threw up their hands! It was classic! As long as you aren’t doing that, you will do just fine.

Now, lets move on to your business posts.This is where some entrepreneurs can get a bit stuffy. So, take off the straight jacket, take a deep breath and go for it!

If you are truly excited about an upcoming event that you’re having or attending, post about it! Use your enthusiasm to shine through those posts. Don’t post stuffy stuff, like ‘having a teleseminar at 1pm, join here’…boring! Change that up and say something like ‘I am so excited to be sharing my social media tips with you today at 1pm, don’t miss it’. Feel the difference?

If you are working with a client and are having great breakthroughs, talk about it! Share you photos, videos, anything that you are comfortable with. Your favorite quotes work well too!

If you are at an event, post about what you are learning, how you feel about the speakers, what is resonating with you and what isn’t.

The key is to let your personality show through. Don’t be afraid! This is all about your on-line persona, keep it real, and keep it fun!

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