Social Media Gone Wild!

by Janet on February 12, 2010


Did that get your attention?  Social media can be overwhelming for most people.  They have no idea why they should use or how to use social media.   Many businesses and entrepreneurs use social media, but not always in the correct way.   Then they give up and say it doesn’t work.  Well, it does work if you do it right. The best way to use social media is by using your own voice and being authentic.  Yes, you do want to log in to personally communicate to your followers and friends frequently.

I did some testing recently.  Since my business is about helping my clients get their business brand on the social media sites, and maintaining a presence there, I realized that I have not been following my own advice and pretty much ignored my social media marketing.  Not good, I know, but it is like the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes!

I decided to start reusing Hootsuite, and Ping.FM and chatting with my followers and friends, re-tweeting and sending out emails and newsletters to my list.  I wanted to see for myself exactly how that would help The Social Media Queen’s business.  Well, the results are in, and you know what?  It works!

Not that I didn’t think it would, but here is what happened;

  • I increased my followers on Twitter by over 1000
    I am receiving a lot more personal messages in Facebook asking about my services, or inviting me to be a guest on radio shows and teleseminars
    I am re-connecting to people I had been following and connecting with new people and businesses on both Twitter and Facebook
    My business is growing and getting more visibility

There are so many case studies out there, and I am sure you have heard a few, but when you see your own results, you start to believe in Social Media Marketing even more.   One case study I love to talk about is a Crème Brulee vendor here in San Francisco.   He tweets his specials and his location for the day, everyday.  He has so much business that lines form down the streets with people who want to purchase his Crème Brulee’s.  Now, this is a good case study for a very targeted niche, cream Brule only, and the power of social media.  I am sure he is thrilled with his results!

If you ever question why you should be on the social media sites, or that they are a waste a time, come back and read this post again.  You will find that if you market the correct way using social media, you will see increased business and of course more income!

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