Stop Sending Me Your Crap!

by Janet on April 14, 2011

Did that get your attention?  If you know anything about me, this is pretty BOLD subject line, but I have had it!  Let me explain.

How many of you get LOADS and LOADS of emails from people who market on line with things that say.  GET RICH NOW! Or this guy made a million dollars in 3 months! She built her company to 6 figures in 90 days. Or my favorite, Let me show you what’s behind the curtain….UGGGH.  Not at all attractive. When I read that crap, I feel like I’m at a used car lot trying to be convinced to buy the most banged up car in the showroom. This type of marketing is not very appealing to me and as much as I want to believe that I can have a six-figure business is 90 days, it most likely is NOT going to happen. I’m sure that many of you have tried this type of marketing at least once, and it probably didn’t feel good to you either. I know I have.

The buzz right now is social media marketing is all about communication and collaboration.  So with that message, some of us think that means that we just post about puppies and kitties and fairies and moonbeams and never ever speak about our business and how we might help others.  Why?  Well, because we are afraid to put it out their for fear of rejection, and/or negative comments. Maybe someone will think you are being pushy, salesy or just obnoxious.  I say, WHO CARES!  If you truly want a successful business, you need to stop hiding and start marketing what you are brilliant, passionate and an expert at.  And in YOUR way, which if done correctly will never feel pushy, salesy or obnoxious.

And please stop trying to copy the BIG marketing guru’s because it won’t work for you. I know! I tried back when I started my business. It was not pretty, believe me!

But that doesn’t mean that you just give up either.  I’m asking you to stop quitting and start doing. Start consistently marketing your business starting today!  Marketing is part of your business.  Marketing is about letting people know who you are, and what you do and how you might be able to help them get the result they are looking for.  Great marketing should lead to sales.

I was at a conference recently and the overlying statement blew me away. I heard over and over again that money is not what being in business is about. Well yes it is.  Unless you have all the cash you need, then you must make money to survive.  Sorry if I offend some of you, but that is the hard truth.

The thing that you have to realize is, your marketing must match your persona. You must be in communication with your target market in a way that they can relate and respond to. AND you must know who that target market is.

So, as I step off my soap box for now, I want you to know that my true passion is helping you market your company authentically, using your own persona and stepping out to finally show others why you are the expert in your field.  It’s not rocket science, but there is a strategy that needs to be followed to successfully to market to your audience on-line. I can help you if you want to shine your brilliance starting today!

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