Are you Sick and Tired of not making all the money you know is

just waiting to come rushing in from your on-line courses?

Do you know if you could just tweak a few things you could be making thousands more $$’s with your courses?

Maybe you do have a few people on your calls, but you can’t figure out why no one is signing up for your free stuff -  let alone what you’re trying to sell.

You’ve probably experienced this:

You have an idea for a fantastic program to offer. You get all excited about it and decide to promote it – but you don’t feel like you can afford to hire someone else to help you, so you do the best you can with it.  In breathless anticipation you watch your registration page and people are signing up!!

Then, you dial in to your call only to make the stomach lurching discovery that there is no one besides you on the line

What happened?

Why don’t people want your amazing product or service?

So, frustrated (and a little depressed) you begin to think, “Am I the only person who thinks this is a good idea?”

Besides, the amount of time you spent getting those horrible results is beginning to make you think all this “social media launch stuff” is just another one of those internet marketing things that doesn’t really work. At least not for you.

Sound familiar?

Hi I am Janet Majoulet-Foust. One thing I know from experience is that most people who attempt a Social Media Launch are guessing.  They don’t understand how the numbers work (how many sign ups = how many participants = how many actual sales).  And they have no idea what to do after the free call to maximize their sales.  And Joint Ventures? What is that and how does it work anyway?

This leaves you feeling like “Who has time for this?  Doesn’t there have to be a better way?”

I completely understand how you feel. I started out with a successful coaching business, but when it came to making money through social media, frankly I was stumped.  For years I struggled. It seemed like everyone else was making money doing this – except me.

The good news is that there is a better way. I have personally cracked the code on Lucrative Social Media Launches and I want to help you too.

I’m a best selling author of a hugely successful book launch that became a bestselling book in just one day based on techniques that I’m now going to show you how to do too!

Don’t Give Up!  Join me for ‘Lucrative Launches – 3 Easy Steps to Get More Clients and More Income in Less Time Using Social Media Marketing!’

Learn how to finally build a successful launch using social media marketing, so that you can:

* Have a larger tribe of people to work with
* Get your message out to more people faster
* Quickly increase your profits
* Make more money doing what you love
* Become a magnet to your ideal client (that means you get to work with only people you love!)

This will be a live webinar!

Join me on the call/ live webinar on June 16th, at  1PM PT/ 4PM ET by signing up below!


**Bonuses gifts will be given to those who are on the actual call!  Don’t miss out!

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