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To say that my fear of managing a website was paralyzing is an understatement.  Working with Janet allowed my jaw to unclench, shoulders to drop and my breathing return to normal!  I’ve had my own coaching business for almost twenty years, and thanks to Janet, I now have a website! 

She walked me step by step through the process, empowering me to take on certain aspects, like being able to post my own blogs and pictures.  (The whole integration of a shopping cart to my site still makes my head spin, and I just love how Janet handles all those tasks with an easy, non-judgmental compassionate laugh!)  She has helped me build my social media and web presence and she can help you build yours, too.
Cat Williford, MCC, CPCC

Testimonial For Janet Foust

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Our handyman business had been operating for many years. There was no website, data base or marketing being done regularly. In fact, we didn’t even have a name for the business. When we decided it was time to put a web presence into place, we found out about Janet’s services. She was the perfect answer for our needs. We needed a web presence, as well as social media presence, and Janet fit both those needs and continues to do so.

Janet is extremely pro-active and responsive. When she says she will take care of something, she does! And the best part is that she educates you along the way, helping you understand what elements may be missing or need to be added. Her kind and understanding approach, along with her sense of humor, is greatly appreciated.

Our website and social presence have gotten rave reviews. Not to mention the coaching we’ve gotten along the way to improve, change or do even better. Our ongoing work with Janet is a god-send. No exaggeration. Our fix-it business would not be the same without her.

Joan & John Silva
The Fix-It Professionals
(925) 432-7570



“Janet saved my a** at a key time in my business! As a burned out small business owner I was stuck and not sure which direction to go in, but had a vague sense of what I wanted. After just a few sessions with Janet, I can look back now and see that her input allowed me to climb up out of my pit, re-position my company, and energize my business and more importantly, my approach to my business. I recommend her for her down to Earth, seasoned experience and inherent curiosity and intelligence to help guide you with your online endeavors and small business.” ~ Dorothy Hall, www.vaprofessionals.net

“Working with Janet allows me the freedom to focus on creativity and all that I need to accomplish, without any worry. To me, knowing that whatever I ask of Janet it is done accurately and immediately, that is priceless. It has made a huge difference to my peace of mind that whatever project I have give to her to handle gets implemented right away. She has been an amazing asset to me.” – Tricia Dycka http://www.triciadycka.com


“I would highly recommend Janet’s internet marketing and social networking services as I have been very pleased with how knowledgeable and efficient she is in the area of social media. I’ve hired Janet to do some of my own work as well as set up social networking for my clients and we are all thrilled with the results and the increase in traffic and business to their sites as a result of Janet’s social media expertise.”- Terri Belford  http://www.inspiredlivelihood.com http://www.craftbizblog.com


“Before working with Janet I had no clue how to use any social media to help generate leads for my business. It all seemed so complicated to me. Janet prove you can teach an old dog new tricks! Not only did she implement strategies that work, she walked me through what to do in a clear, concise way and took away any fear I had about what to do. Not only has it helped increase my business, it really is fun and I enjoy connecting in a new way. ” -Sharon Hess  http://sharonhess.com


Janets training and enthusiasm for social media helped me realize my passion and refocus my business. Although I was already using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, at the end of the course, my profiles were updated with more powerful information, and I have implemented all of the tools that Janet recommended to help maintain my networks more effectively and in less time, not only for my business but more importantly for my clients. Both the forum and follow-up Q and A calls were a tremendous source of information and ideas. Thank you Janet for such a great training program!” - Sheila Starkey, Smart Social Media Marketer http://smartsocialmediamarketering.com


“I participated in the “Shopping Cart” webinar training sessions with Janet Majoulet-Foust, The Social Media Queen.  The sessions were very informative, taking us through each tab and the choices under each.  Watching Janet go through each choice under each sub-menu, along with her clear explanation of what each field means, and what the effect is when using it worked well for me.  Her narrative also described potential pitfalls, so your don’t have to “learn the hard way”, like she did.  This course was extremely beneficial and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the social media software in a very user-friendly environment, where you are free (and encouraged) to ask lots of questions.”  Colleen Ambre