Article Marketing, is a good thing!

by Janet on April 11, 2009

On my last BlogTalk Radio show I discussed in much detail why Article Marketing is good thing! The first reason is, that you will be able to get your business and name out to millions more people with consistent Article Marketing.

I have found so many places where my articles have shown up and it is fun to see and it makes me happy to know that people are posting my articles in their magazines, newsletters and blogs.  The top Free article Marketing sites are:


These all rank high on both the Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank sites.

So what should you write?  PLEASE be sure to write about things that relate to your business and are of value to your potential clients.  And you can re-purpose you blog posts and newsletter articles that you have already written.

If you are like me and would prefer a program that will allow you to post one article and blast it out to many other article sites automatically, I highly recommend  They charge $37.00 a month and will also re-write your articles for you and resend them out again!  They also keep stats for you so you can see how many times your article has been viewed and published.

One more tip:  Be sure to use the Resource box to your advantage.  The Resource Box is the place where you put a very short bio about you, and your link to your website, sales page, or anywhere you want to drive traffic too!  This resource box MUST go with your article when others reuse it on their sites as well.  Just imagine how many people will be expose to your content?

And remember Content is key!

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