Why Do I Need to Use Twitter?

by Janet on April 13, 2009

My clients ask me about Twitter all the time.  They wonder why they should even bother adding Twitter into their marketing plan, and they want to know what the benefit of being on Twitter is.  I hear, ‘I just don’t get it’!

Well, let me tell you why you want to be on Twitter and what it can do for you!

First, Twitter is the new hot micro-blogging program that everyone is using.  It is very easy to use and because it is a micro-blogging program it will only allow you to type 140 characters.  So if you hate blogging, Twitter could be a good place for you to add updates about you and your business.

Companies like Zappo’s, Entertainment Tonight, and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, John Mayer or using Twitter. Even Obama was on Twitter during his campaign and then later hired someone to do his Tweets for him.  You might think well that is great for them, they are in the spot light and its a good idea for them.  Well, it is also a great idea for you too!

There are a few FREE places where you can take your brand and expose it to millions of people and Twitter is one of those places.  It takes a few minutes to set up a Twitter profile and get started.  You will find that there are many people on Twitter who are your perfect client!  No matter what your business is, there millions of potential clients using Twitter.  You can find topics on almost anything when you do a search on Twitter and we will talk about that in a moment.

Another thing to keep in mind, and this is huge!  Where else can you tap into some of the most highly respected experts and add them to your Twitter friends list?  You usually have to do a Joint Venture with someone to access his or her list and getting that access is difficult.  With Twitter, you don’t!  Now think about that. You have access to millions of people that you normally could not reach and you have the ability to follow others in your own niche to see what they are doing and then tap into their clients by adding their followers as your friends.

I also use Twitter to follow what other people do on Twitter and learn how to market my business even better.  Now that is what I call kicking your marketing up a level!   I believe this is one of the best marketing tools out there for your business.

Here are a few tips:

1. You have to build your followers up slowly.  I recommend maybe 200 a week.  Once you reach 2,000, you can go ahead and amp that up if you would like.  Do a search in Twitter for your niche or under your topic of interest and follow those people.

2. Having lots of followers and following lots of people does give you a better marketing vehicle.  Make sure to follow those that you think would be interested in your services and follow those you want to learn from.  Of course sprinkle in some friends too, so they can find out what you are up too!

3. Have or create a custom Twitter background. You want your Twitter page to match your own brand! This will make you look more professional to others and they will recognize you right away if you use your logo, photo and colors from your website.  There are also some free sites that you can use to create a background, but they won’t look as nice.  Here is a free Twitter background site www.twitbacks.com or for a small fee, there is also www.tweetpages.com

4. Really think about your bio.  Make sure it is about you and your business.  This is important because when people look for others to follow they want to know who you are!

5. Make sure you have a nice photo of you on your Twitter page.  I do not follow people who do not add a photo; I just don’t feel that is professional if you know what I mean.

6. Twitter often, but don’t let it take up your whole day!  Don’t be shy, the Twitter stream moves FAST, so if you post the same thing 15 times a day, it won’t hurt your business  But, please remember with all social media sites, this is really about relationships, so take the time to throw in a few things about your cat, dog, the weather or whatever else you feel comfortable sharing.  Your potential clients want to know who you are, so it is important to post both personal and business Tweets.

7.  Twitter can be a time suck, so be careful.  I use a program called Ping.FM to send one post out to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk or any other social media spot available!  Ping. FM is a great one stop shop but if you would prefer to schedule your Tweets, I recommend a great timesaver called Hootsuite, this free program will let you schedule tweets, and posts to your favorite social media sites.  Set it and forget it!

7, Have Fun!

s, please contact me at janet@thewealthchick.com and we can discuss how I might help you get up and running and Tweeting!

To Your Amazing Success,


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